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Real Estate

Acting as a representative of the owner, Soulier Management is directing all real-estate companies and project companies held directly or indirectly.

These can be divided in the following groups: Investment properties, development properties and industrial properties.

Real-estate properties with surplus value
In the real-estate sector Soulier Management pursues the objective of developing all properties in the perspective of future profitability.  This is also related to the fact that the properties belonging to our portfolio are not sold but kept in the long run.

Our main objectives are as follows:

  •     Long-term strategic orientation and precise definition of goals
  •     Ecological constructions
  •     Low energy consumption in buildings as standard
  •     Alternative systems for heating and cooling such as well systems or geothermal energy
  •     Optimal layout of apartments
  •     Low general maintenance costs
  •     Exceptional equipment of the apartments intended for rental

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Investment properties

- Apartment houses located in the best
  areas of the Vienna city center
- Apartment houses within the “Ring”
- Real estate investments abroad


Development properties

- Attic extensions on existing investment
  apartment houses

- Complete renovation of existing apartment

- Development of new apartments and
  commercial spaces in Vienna


Industrial properties

- Extension and rental of industrial properties,
  administrative buildings and halls in Austria
  and the USA