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Soulier GmbH is supporting the long-term corporate strategy of MAPLAN with competence and active participation management.

The company helps MAPLAN in optimizing the processes and assuring durable economic success  under consideration of the financial resources.

With its production site in Kottingbrunn and its branches in Germany, France, USA, China, India and Russia MAPLAN is one of the technological  and market leaders of machines and installations for elastomer and plastic moulding injection.  

Maplan produces machines for the production of rubber and silicone parts. These products ensure that for example washing machines of mascara are not leaking or the provide a peaceful and quiet transport for vehicles or trains. 

The firm stands for the consistent further development of innovative high-quality products using the latest technology. By doing so Maplan is setting norms within its branch.

Figures and facts

  •     About 230 staff members
  •     About 45 million Euro turnover
  •     Part of export is about 99%
  •     Annual production volume corresponding to about 280 installations
  •     Worldwide commercialization and service

MAPLAN moved to a new headquarter in Kottingbrunn in August 2016. This modern building is located in the south of Vienna, about 40 km away. The new location distinguishes itself through more efficiently thanks to an optimum work processes, increased capacity and  in particular production on a high technological level. 

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Maplan GmbH
Maplan-Straße 1
2542 Kottingbrunn
T +43 2252 790 909
F +43 2252 790 909-101